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An Abstract artist based in London with Caribbean roots. Being half St. Lucian and half Jamaican I was intrigued by my family’s history but also the history that has been removed because of slavery and the colonization of my people. This brings a head many untapped emotions and questions of my identity, which is the driving force of my work. By combining the brightness and beauty that’s been associated with the Caribbean and similarly the struggles, resentment and acceptance of my place in this society and through the culture that I have faced being a young black male.


The abstraction of my work retains a piece of my soul and allows me to infuse personal emotions by using colour as a material. The body of work uses a dark heavy undertone balanced by overlayered soft brighter colours to create visually stimulating contrast for the viewer.

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Upcoming Exhibitions:

Insert Title Here, 2018

University of Creative Arts 

15/06/2018 - 29/06/2018


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